Peter J. Malouf

Peter J. Malouf

An MBA graduate from Toronto’s York University, Peter has always had a passion for entrepreneurship, financial reengineering and helping individuals achieve their dreams. Peter has experienced an exciting and educative career, with responsibilities ranging from senior management defending hostile takeovers in the mining industry, to owner of a distinguished tennis and fitness health club in Montreal.

Peter previously taught finance at Concordia University and later proved his commitment to education by acting as Board Chair of The Study School and Marianopolis College, spearheading strategic planning initiatives for both institutions.

Along with being one of the founders and Chair of Palos Wealth Management, Peter is currently active as a partner in a US based corrugated box manufacturing operation specializing in state of the art recyclable polypropylene extrusion technology.

At the forefront of his venture investments is an innovative company who’s proprietary in-ear technologies will result in a soon to be released “bionic ear” for use in institutional health, safety and first responders’ communications.

Peter leads the Malouf Family Foundation in its numerous financial contributions to benevolent and worthy causes focused in the city of Montreal. He shares his time as a board member and Chair of the Audit Committee of the Montreal Fluency Center, a not-for-profit institution whose mission is to reduce the effects of long-term speech and language disorders in children.

Peter is married for 35 years to his wonderful wife Carol Rossy and they are blessed with five motivated children and one active grandchild.